Last page re-scanned (G):

We decided to send a scout out to check out what's ahead (J):

That robot would present some difficulties for our "good" fighters. It pops the Haldian Slave we used as our scout like a water balloon full of whatever Haldians are full of.

Moving on to AA:

There are some extra options on the other side of the page, but I buggered the scan up, naturally. I'm not sure how I buggered it up in this exact way, but I did.

Next move? Options include
Attempt to kill it
Forget about the whole thing
or one of the options from the other side of the page.


Go forward. Move ahead. Try to detect it. It's not too late.

We can salvage this. And maybe gain a new crew member!

First we have to get close enough to talk to it, though. I'd recommend knocking out its sensors. Blind it (with science).

Dr Cheeto

SuGaBA is unquestionably the most competent advisor or crewmember we have and honestly we should do pretty much whatever he/she/it says.


We're going to try to convert that robot to our cause, but it's going to take a test of the Captain's skill to do it. I pass the roll, using 6 captain's energy to do so. Turning to E:

He decides to join us, and we ditch our crew, because we don't have the time to haul this guy's baggage to the shuttle, and also because who cares about those chumps. If we wanted the crew and the Discolink technology, we would have had to fight this guy.

Meet the newest member of the crew, SPUDFINDER VII!

He's a solid addition to the team. Anyway we're finally done with the expansion for now. Turning to 297:

It's now basically a choice between visiting the corpse, visiting the plane, or getting a move on.


Visit the corpse for sure.


why not? lets go see the GENTLE GIANT


Visit the corpse. Become its new head.



eat the meat moon and then blow up the planet just because


Let SuGaBA analyse the corpse - at least then we'll know what wine to pair it with


Guys if we just do what our computer says all the time what separates us from the robots?

Let's do our martyred ancestors proud and EAT THE GIANT HEADLESS CORPSE. 

Blurry Gray Thing

We have a prime cut of meat just floating in space and we have a great victory to celebrate. Sure, we had two parties so far, but they were both rallying/morale parties. This would be our first celebration.


Just think of the Space-God-scams we can run if we are driving the corpse around!


We're going to let SuGaBA do his thing (158):

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