The Canterbury Tales

A diverse group of travellers listen to podcasts and stare out of the window of the train. They desperately try to avoid making eye contact with each other and are silent throughout the journey.


120 Days of Sodom - A Geek Squad technician helps an elderly man delete his search history.

General Dog

Tom Sawyer: A mischievous youngster makes millions off of an elaborate Kickstarter scam.


The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Czech doctor Tomas fucks around while his wife posts stuff like "feeling let down :/" regularly on Facebook to his and everyone else's utter disinterest.

misty mountaintop

The Scarlet Letter

Dimmesdale gay. Chillingworth joins the alt-right. Hester becomes the 45th President of the United States.

The Scarlet Letter

Internet controversy about whether the letter is red and gold, or blue and white.

Blurry Gray Thing

The Golden Bough: This non-fiction classic has been updated with an in-depth analysis of modern myths such as Harry Potter, Disney's Frozen, and the popular videogame series Dark Souls.

Doctor J Off

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

McMurphy is sentenced only to a few months in prison because the judge didn't want something like a rape charge to ruin his family life. The rest of the inmates are all homeless or dead after the mental hospital was shut down in the 80s. Nurse Ratched works in a regular hospital, spending her free time posting "tough nurse" memes on facebook.

misty mountaintop

Waiting for Godot

Two guys look up sports scores on their phones for two acts.


Finnegans Wake: your stoner roommate won't shut the fuck up


Three Men in a Boat: A guy, his friends and his wife's poodle go wakeboarding on a hydro lake. Jerome eventually pulls off a flip, but they get bored dodging traffic and go home to play Battlefield instead.


Journey to the West

After getting into an argument with his father, Sun Wukong is sent to UCLA instead of Harvard where he studies programming. He encounters a group of nerds that include an old stoner and two ugly nerds. They develop a disruptive app and earn millions.

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