Boys are tough and scruffy. They like to get rowdy and their names often reflect this. Names like "Gus" and "Griff" and "Gurps." The sort of names you can imagine a mother angrily hollering from a screen door. These are boy names. Get a look at the most popular in 2014.

Shortened name for Cool Tony, a cooler version of Tony. Maybe he rap sings, maybe he knows a skateboard move. This Tony is cool. Just call him Colton.

From the Gaelic Thong Mask, meaning "brave scent." May be shortened to Toe.

Shortened from Saint Ann. Sometimes diminutive form of the name Stand.

Derived from Brayden. Pronounced Ecks-rayden. Not to be confused with the pronunciation of the unrelated name, Eggsrayden. It means, "I give up, just name him Xrayden."

Meaning "large baby, relative to other babies." Not necessarily compared to a normal human adult. See also: Colossal Baby.

From the monkey name at the circus. Often chosen by parents who hope their child will possess the lucky qualities of a monkey such as a tail and thumbs.

Usually given by parents hoping for cool sons to chill. The 420 is added when the hospital tells them that BlazeFrog was already taken. See also: BlazeFrog69.

Derived from the Hebrew, Trilhaiem, or "an exciting dish." Usually given ironically to exceptionally boring babies.

Phonetic modern spelling of the ancient Roman name Beavis, which means "clad in beav." See also: Beavlord.

Shortened version of Necromonger, a follower of necroism who will keep what he kills. See also: Riddick.

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