Zack: Before we get to bloody boob I want to point out that the one exception to the sinister red artwork you're going to be seeing a lot of in this article were the character class illustrations.

Steve: Every book had these in the 1990s even if they weren't always in color.

Zack: The goofy character classes in Kult almost ruin the otherwise mysterious and sinister atmosphere. They include classes ranging from "Student" and "Artist" to "Secret Agent" and "Mad Scientist." I am pretty sure, almost as an afterthought, you could also play a mythological monster like a vampire or werewolf.

Steve: Of course a vampire or werewolf can also have a class.

Zack: A vampire student?

Steve: School of hard knocks.

Zack: No, I'm pretty sure that's the institution where they teach football players to beat the shit out of their families.

Steve: Are we going to joke around or are we going to discuss the matter at hand: the policewoman's mom jeans.

Zack: There's nothing plain about her clothes.

Zack: Also, the veteran appears to be haunted by visions of war and death and the lady cop just thinks about piss and blood.

Steve: Police deal almost exclusively in bodily fluids. Haven't you seen Dexter?

Zack: Have I seen Dexter? Have I seen Dexter?! No. I haven't seen Dexter.

Steve: Imagine a USA Network characters welcome show like Monk combined with the movie Saw.

Zack: That sounds amazing.

Steve: Yeah, I guess it does, but it's not actually amazing.

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