Zack: This picture is much better when you imagine it poster-sized on the wall of a pediatrician's office.

Steve: Labeled as THE HUMAN SCREAM.

Zack: Murky red-hued pictures of people screaming aren't really any worse for kids to see than giant skinless heads or guts hanging out of a diagram of a mommy.

Steve: Yeah, those mommy guts diagrams scarred me for life. I also remember at the eye doctor they had one of a face and an eye and somehow you could just tell that whoever did the picture was using a dead body as a reference.

Zack: That artwork used to be so precise and meticulous. Now they do it all digitally and just add layers of swirling sparks and smoke to make it seem more dynamic.

Steve: The human skeleton as seen emerging from a sand storm.

Zack: The bone masters do like their Darude.

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