I don't know what the hell's going on in this picture. I don't want to know.

Screeching Doctor Pizzaface realizes he can't get BOTH hands up his gaping anus. I beat this guy up last year at a barbeque. I'd do it again if I knew where he lived. I'll get the neighbor's cat to piss on him too.
One of the Constipated Pirates of the Carribean. He's probably thinking about turkey. He's ALWAYS thinking about turkey. I hate turkey. I hate this guy too. YAR.
Please do not sell this photo to the National Enquirer. I want to give it to them myself. I could earn up to $10,000 for conclusive proof of the Yeti.
I forget what this lady's name is. Her cheekbones appear to be sculpted from Crisco. Get a load of those boobs, they look like asscheeks. I'm afraid of this man.
Yeah, ok.