The South Appleton Art Gallery has the most fucking horrid displays. I think this was from their "Roadkill Wearing Wigs" exhibit. I once attended an art party there because I'm one cultured guy and I'm sensitive and emotional and all that shit. Then I found out that there wasn't any Moaning Lisa painting there for me to steal and pawn to the guy on 12th Street, so I threw lit matches at the head art guy and marked my territory all over his godawful paintings.

The Appleton City Drive In Movie Theater presents...


I don't know what that greasebag of phlegm on the left is, but I'd bang that elf chick on the right. She must be from some other town, one that doesn't have so much fucking cosmetic toxins in the water supply. Not that the freakclowns in this town don't need a few buckets of cosmetics lumped onto their faces to make them vaguely resemble some humanoid-shaped forms.

Radish Patrol: In Color!

"hello and welcome to my house, may I offer you a pie? It is made from the liquid I smear on my legs to remove the carrot-sized stumps of hair growing from them."

"Oh just kidding, I am really a linebacker in disguise, tee hee. Now where is my pie?"