Skidmarks McGee illustrates the difficulties he has with basic motor skills. Shortly after this photo, I illustrated the difficulties with his car's basic motor skills by filling his gasoline tank with flour and deciding to fall asleep in his trunk.

Keep digging until you poke brain, shithead. Let the Guinness Records know when your arm is in your nose all the way up to your elbow.

Geriatrics From Jupiter attempt to abduct aging lesbian librarian Denise Smarkinson. I once saw a UFO over the creek out back but the cops said it was just a couple of the shithead kids next door playing in their treehouse and I had no reason to take shots at them and burn the woods down. It's called "NATIONAL SECURITY" you fatassed morons, look it up. I was going to be a cop but I got lost on my way to the police station.

I JUST SAW THIS FUCKING PICTURE!!! Oh wait this one is different I guess.

A couple of the Henderson halfwits down the block finally realize what happens when ol' Cliffy tells them to stay away from his goddamn bushes and they don't listen and continue to ride their bikes a few hundred feet away. I tried to sell their bikes but they were shit and I only got 3 bucks so I stole the bikes back and tried to sell them again.

See this picture isn't funny because the guy's got a lampshade on his head or because he's wearing his grandma's dress, but it's funny because that guy is now dead.