A sneak peak from "Indiana Jones and the Buffet Crusade." I've seen enough, thanks.

OH MY GOD! IT'S A FLOATING TORSO! A FLOATING TORSO! THIS IS THE SCARIEST THING I HAVE EVER - oh wait, she's just wearing camloflauge pants! Might I recommend a camoflauge face mask as well?

DUMBASS MALE CRETIN: "Sorry honey, I just get excited when I see Bob Saget."

DUMBASS FEMALE(?) CRETIN: "Shut up and get me some moist towelettes."

As you can tell, I've kicked this idiot back into the 1970's. I hate the 1970's. A bunch of hopped up morons running around like braindead squirrels while me and my buddies fight to protect their worthless lives. If the munitions idiots would've let me keep a few of the automatic weapons I tried to bring back, the only picture you'd see of this guy would include a toetag hanging off him.

"Hmmm, I wonder! Male? Female? Male? Female? What am I today? Oh yes, I remember now!


"Hello, welcome to the Lie-brary. I am Lie-brarian Goth McAngst. May I interest you in our newest book, 'S is for STEAL YOUR SOUL, HUMAN, FOR I AM THE DARK OVERLORD OF THE FIFTH REALM OF ETERNAL TORMENT'."

PS: Nice lipstick, magic fairy princess.