Ben Beverage likes to poses in front of his victims before consuming them. Good luck with the ceramic hen there you white sack of shit.

The Burly Sisters / Brothers have had so many sex changes that the doctors in this hellhole city have to keep a flowchart of where their genitalia is currently located. I once saw one of these clowns at a flea market. It was trying to buy a Bible from a carpet salesman. I barged in and took the Bible and threw it into the swamp and shouted "get off of my plane!" until the cops came and threw me in the detox chamber for what I think was like 150 days or something. Either way, it was police brutality and I'm going to write a letter to the President once I find out what the hell I did with my typewriter. I think it's in the garage but I'm not sure because last time I went to look for it in the garage I slipped on a puddle of motor oil and hit my head on a can of varnish and when I woke up I smelled like a meat rendering plant, so I think maybe that had something to do with all the UFOs people have been seeing here lately.


This kid's got a lot to look forward to in his life.

Oh well if it isn't the Yo Yo Champion! He's a big celebrity in this city, he's the only guy who has survived me ramming an entire flagpole up their ass. If I remember correctly, he asked for me to do it again.

Set sails for fag