This zit-faced freak thought it would be funny to pretend like he was giving oral sex to a vibrator. I thought it would be funny to ram the thing through the back of his malformed skull. I suppose I got the last laugh, at least until his corpse rolled over and I caught a glimpse of his face again. No amount of drinking in the world is going to cover up those kinds of mental scars.

It's ironic that merely SEEING how goddamn idiotic ravers look makes you want to go out and do every drug possible. I hate these little punk bastards and can't wait for the day somebody spikes all their drugs with an unhealthy dose of antifreeze.

Testicle Face harvests pubic hair on his chin for Winter! This makes him happy!

Is she gothic or a whore? Gothic? Whore? Gothic? Whore? I vote for "gothic" because there's no way she could make a living by offering her pasty-white carcass for sex unless she's regularly hitting the blind wing of the West Appleton Shady Acres Retirement Villa.

North Appleton's Jellyfish Escort Service is a big hit to fathead scumbuckets like Mitch Yates who recoils at the touch of another human being.

"Uglycat, we're coming for you, you weak ass pussy!"