Cleanup in aisle five. After I get done cramming this retard's head into a box of Tide, there's going to be a cleanup in aisle five. That almost rhymed. I am a sensitive poet.
Here you see ravers in their natural habitat. Let me introduce you to Raver McCheese and Raver Slothboy. They live in a methlab. Notice the newspapers on their bed. They're from 1983.
Oh wonderful, another American dumbass posing with cutesy Japanese girls. "HAR HAR MAW, I PLAY THU JAPANESE GAMES AND GET MY PICTURE TAKEN, WAOGO!"
"Do these pants make me look fat?" No, they make you look like a moron.
Behind the scenes at Dungeons and Dragons 2000 Conference:

Dork #1: "That troll just dropped 40 gold!"
Dork #2: "That gnome just dropped his pants!"
BOTH: "Let's go!"

Notice Dork #2's skull on a stick. That's the only way he'll ever get head. Haha.

The little failures came over to my house on Halloween and demanded candy. I gave em a few bars of Cliff Yablonski's patented "Gut Buster Brownies". Looks like they're enjoying them!