Troll love. That thing in the red tent cover is depressed because her tits are full of tapioca.

I went to the downtown Laundromat the other week and found this lintbrain taking rides inside the dryers. I crammed him into a washing machine and filled it with motor oil and then sold it to somebody for $20.

Oh, ha ha, this is funny because he's sticking a poolstick up his friend's ass! Everybody laugh because that's just simply fucking hilarious.

A Large Mouthed Bass is caught by a large mouthed ass.

Hey Uglycat, don't you have something to say about this winner?

"ROOOOWWWWWRRRR!!! Go cough up a lung, you senile sack of shit! ROWWWWRRRRR!!!"

That's it Uglycat, I'm putting land mines in your litter box.

One of the many, many Appleton City dance troupes. They're dicking-grabbingly repulsive, like that dance play about the gay people who sing and frolic in New York and all get AIDS and die. I can't remember the name of it, something like "Stamp" or "Trunk" or "Wrench" or something. I hate plays because they never have any goddamn car chases in them.