Hahahaha, aren't you two late for your shift at Charlie's Chocolate Factory or something?
I warned Keith McCollins not to look at his computer monitor when his webcam is running. He ignored my warning and is now suffering.
I warned John Barkens not to look at his monitor when Keith McCollins' webcam was running. How ya like a little online ugly, fellahs?
Out of the dark... behind the shadows... from the depths of the human soul comes GOTHIC MOPHEAD! He's got a message for you!

GOTHIC MOPHEAD - "Welcome to my sorrows!"

This kid's got a show on the public access channel, KYAC, channel 86 at 3:00 am. I haven't seen it but heard it involves a lot of bestiality.

Ugly woman #1 - "Hey, who ordered the male stripper?"

Ugly woman #1 - "How very appropriate! Now fill up these cups with your special surprise, Al!"

Trailer Park Inventory Check:

In one hand: a stick.

In the other hand: a Twinkie.

Behind him: something fat and stupid.