The cops bust up the highway rest stop again. North Appleton resident shitfarmer Benny Patrone makes a break for it, but the cops catch up and beat in his skull like a rotting melon. God bless the boys in blue.

Craig Thompson, ex-principal of Appleton Elementary. Although this was one of the reasons he was fired from his job, it was not the main one. The pictures pasted all across his "secret room" were.

Club 69 gives the eldery a 1% discount per each year they've lived. Amanda Bowlin gets in for free.

"ROWWWR! The evil floating head of ass consumes innocent planets! I'll piss in that fucker's burrito!"



You know it's a crazy party when you wake up drunk and realize somebody stole your top row of teeth.

The spaghetti parasite crown allows lumpy member of society Max Harper the ability to communicate with rigatoni. Unfortunately, the only message he picks up is "dear God, please just stay the hell away."