Oh hooray, some retarded white guy doing something fantastically stupid, you don't really see enough of that shit on my page. Good work, moron.

Ever since the stroke, Doug Fleming thought he was a Professional Bass Fisherman. Nobody had the heart (get it?) to tell him that he wasn't within 10 miles of a lake and he was spending all his time fishing for garbage at the local waste dump. Poor bastard.

Wow, what a sexy party. Somebody please shove these goth fuckups back into the damn cake they popped out of.

More mentally handicapped goths. Satan likes his disciples to dress like flaming retards so when they die he can split up his minions' souls with God by just saying, "Yeah, I get all the jackasses wearing black duct tape and napkins. You can have the rest."

Crazy Cowboy and Deputy Dipshit bust into the men's room to dispense some backdoor justice. Yes, they live in an one-horse town, and no, you don't want to know what that horse is used for.

No! Just because it smells like bacon doesn't mean it tastes like bacon! Some of the more crafty idiots in Appleton City have learned to trick others with "The Ol' Bacon Switcharoo" tactic.