Three pigs in a blanket. Soon after this picture was taken, they were turned into three pigs in an oil drum at the bottom of Lake Meatshore.

Scientists drop fleshfactory Francine Delorina into a vat of hair gel in an attempt to grease her up so much that she'll be able to cram her tanker trailer-sized blimp body back through the door of the Arby's so she can roam free in her natural environment, the grease trap.

This photo is funny because this pasty faced stick figure is pretending to have buttsex with a statue! Oh wait, that's not funny at all! Better luck next time, Chompy!

"I'll give you a dollar if you scrape the growths off my skull!"

The Bad Boys of Bushes. I'd better not see any deadbeat goths around my goddamn bushes or else I'll take your Mary Mason record disks and use them to decapitate you and then take your head and put it above my fireplace and throw darts into it until I run out of darts. Then I'll go to the store and steal more darts.

Even the cheerleaders in this hellhole ratburg of a town have severe mental issues. For example, take Frank "Francine" Mayweather. No seriously, take him. Nobody else will.